Top CyberSecurity News For 10th May 2016

  1. The 414’s: The beginning of hackingFrom WTMJ.  In 1983 Neal Patrick was a 17-year-old student at Rufus King High School with an interest in computers when the FBI came knocking on the door. “They weren’t too happy,” Patrick said. For months Patrick and some friends had been hacking into different systems using the phone lines. They even gave themselves a name “The 414’s” and hacking was born.

  2. Google Suffers Minor Data Breach via Third-Party Benefits VendorFrom Softpedia. 

    Google has started notifying affected employees of a data breach that occurred when one of the managers of a third-party benefits vendor sent a file containing sensitive information about Google employees to the wrong person. The search giant has already informed all authorities regarding the accidental sensitive data exposure but has not specified how many employees were affected

  3. The Malware Museum lets you look at old viruses without getting infectedFrom Daily Dot. Usually when you end up with a virus on your computer, you do everything possible to get rid of it. Over at the Internet Archive, viruses are being preserved in the new Malware Museum. Launched in February, the Malware Museum gives users the opportunity to experience viruses from the 1980s and 1990s. The defanged versions of the malicious programs were curated by Mikko Hypponen, the chief research officer at Finnish security company F-Secure.
  4. Rio Olympics Likely a Magnet for CybercriminalsFrom Wall Street Journal. As cybercriminals gear up for action ahead of the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, host country Brazil and the Rio Games’ global sponsors are bracing for countless virtual showdowns. The increased level of economic transactions during such a large sporting event is a natural attraction for cybercriminals as it presents more opportunities for identity theft and fraud, experts say. Also, the Olympics’ global status offers a stage for politically motivated cyberactivists, they said, and the country’s current economic and political turmoil give plenty of ammunition for the discontent


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