Top CyberSecurity News For 12th May 2016

  1. BOE’s Cyber Chief Says Hacking Is an Ongoing Danger for BanksFrom Bloomberg. The Bank of England’s chief information-security officer said cyber attacks are an ongoing danger for firms and building defenses isn’t just a technical issue. In a speech in London, Will Brandon said executives must “get away from the perception that cyber is just a technology problem that can be solved entirely through engineering solutions.” That’s because hackers can take advantage of people within companies to gain access to systems, he said.

  2. IBM’s Watson is going to cybersecurity schoolFrom Computerworld.  It’s no secret that much of the wisdom of the world lies in unstructured data, or the kind that’s not necessarily quantifiable and tidy. So it is in cybersecurity, and now IBM is putting Watson to work to make that knowledge more accessible. Towards that end, IBM Security on Tuesday announced a new year-long research project through which it will collaborate with eight universities to help train its Watson artificial intelligence system to tackle cybercrime.
  3. Why cyber tools are not total solutionsFrom FederalTimes. According to Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybersecurity Market Report for Q4 2015, “Market research firm Gartner says global spending on IT security is set to increase 4.7 percent in 2015 to $75.4 billion, and the world will spend $101 billion on information security in 2018.” After attending the 2016 RSA conference, it is obvious that attendance at the show reflects these numbers. The money and time being spent in this area are simply mind-numbing.

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