Top CyberSecurity News For 31st May 2016

  1. 65 million Pre-Yahoo Acquisition Tumblr Accounts Were HackedFrom HackRead. Tumblr recently revealed that it discovered a breach in their systems which affected users accounts and their passwords. The company said that the hack had happened back in 2013, but they just recently discovered it. It also refused to give figures of how many of its users had been affected. However security researchers have done an independent analysis, and it appears the numbers actually stands at 68 million.

  2. How new cyber espionage group Danti is targeting govtFrom Financial Express. Cybersecurity is an area of great concern in business as well as government circles. Internet security experts have identified a major cyberespionage activity in India. Recently, IT security firm Kaspersky Lab made a startling revelation that a fairly new and previously unknown cyberespionage group, called Danti, may already have full access to internal networks in Indian government organisations.

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