Top CyberSecurity News For June 1st 2016

  1. J.P. Morgan’s CIO on the Bank’s Security Game PlanFrom WSJ.   Facing fierce competition from upstarts in the financial technology, or “fintech,” space, along with constant cybersecurity threats, J.P. Morgan is betting that tech will be an industry game-changer. That’s where Dana Deasy, the bank’s chief information officer, comes in. Mr. Deasy oversees a $9.4 billion technology budget at J.P. Morgan, including about $3 billion in new investments, that is growing—a rarity in size and allocation among large banks. He leads 44,000 technology employees, including more than 18,000 developers.

  2. I Was Hacked by ISIS. From Boston Review. I was a victim of treachery: one of about 3,000 New Yorkers whose names and “personal information” (the cops didn’t know what) had been hacked from some database (they didn’t know which) and posted to some website (also, no further details). The hackers belonged to the United Cyber Caliphate, which, the police told me, “has some connection with ISIS.”
  3. Hackers want you to continue ignoring this critical home cybersecurity flaw. From American Enterprise Institute. Routers are thus fast becoming rich targets for hackers. In 2012, Kaspersky Labs discovered that cybercriminals had hacked into more than 4.5 million home DSL routers in Brazil by exploiting a chip vulnerability, manipulating router DNS settings to disguise fake infected websites as legitimate ones. Unsuspecting users were thus tricked into downloading malware that stole their passwords and banking information, earning one hacker more than $50,000.


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