Top CyberSecurity News For 7th June 2016

  1. GhostShell hacker leaks 36 million user records to protest against ‘security’From Twenty-four-year-old Romanian hacker GhostShell has returned with yet another leak of 36 million user records obtained from 110 misconfigured MongoDB servers, of which 3.6 million also include passwords. The hacker was in the news couple of months ago for doxing himself.

  2. BitSight Follows FICO Model as Cybersecurity Ratings Industry Grows From As cyber threats grow more complex and damaging, an independent rating that assesses the strength of a company’s defenses could become a new kind of currency in the business world—akin to a consumer credit score that can make or break one’s financial future. That’s the vision of Stephen Boyer and his five-year-old company, BitSight Technologies, which created software that culls publicly accessible data to produce a FICO-like cybersecurity rating for some 47,500 companies and organizations, at latest count.

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