Top CyberSecurity News For 10th June 2016

  1. How to Run a Russian Hacking RingFrom The Atlantic.  And for many of those cybercriminals, hacking is as unglamorous as any other business. That’s what a group of security researchers found when they infiltrated a ring of hackers based in Russia earlier this year, and monitored its dealings over the course of five months. The researchers were with Flashpoint, an American cybersecurity company that investigates threats on the dark and deep web. Their undercover operation began when they came across a post on a Russian hacker forum on the dark web—a part of the internet that’s inaccessible to regular browsers—that read very much like a get-rich-quick ad you might find on Facebook.

  2. Twitter denies security breach after hacker tries to sell 32M compromised accountsFrom Washington Times. Twitter on Thursday denied being the victim of a security breach amid reports that a hacker has put the log-in credentials for more than 32 million accounts up for sale on the dark web. LeakedSource, an online search engine for stolen data, said Wednesday that a pseudonymous hacker provided the website with a data set purportedly containing the usernames, passwords and other data pertaining to 32,888,300 Twitter accounts. Fifteen of the victims identified in the breach were contacted by LeakedSource, and each one verified the validity of the information supplied to the website.


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