Top CyberSecurity News For 28th June 2016

  1. Inside the World of the Dark DDoSFrom The Register. Today’s distributed denial of service attacks are different than the kinds that we saw at the dawn of the millennium when the threat emerged. They’re becoming more nuanced, and subtle – and they could result in a lot more than a downed web server. In the early days of DDoS, volumetric attacks were all the rage. Politically or financially motivated attackers would launch thousands of clients against a particular target, overwhelming their servers. Such attacks are still common, but increasingly they’re giving way to another kind of more sophisticated DDoS attack: “dark” DDoS, or as Andy Shoemaker likes to call them, smokescreen attacks.
  2. Scientology Seeks Captive Converts Via Google Maps, Drug Rehab CentersFrom Krebs On Security. Fake online reviews generated by unscrupulous marketers blanket the Internet these days. Although online review pollution isn’t exactly a hot-button consumer issue, there are plenty of cases in which phony reviews may endanger one’s life or well-being. This is the story about how searching for drug abuse treatment services online could cause concerned loved ones to send their addicted, vulnerable friends or family members straight into the arms of the Church of Scientology.


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