Top CyberSecurity News For 28th August 2016

  1. Fantom Ransomware Mimics Windows Update ScreenFrom Softpedia. 

    Ransomware often tries to disguise its malicious behavior using various tricks. The latest method observed is that employed by a new variant called Fantom, which shows a fake Windows Update screen while, in reality, it’s encrypting the user’s files.

    The ransomware, spotted for the first time only a few days ago by AVG security researcher Jakub Kroustek, is coded on top of EDA2, a ransomware building kit that was open-sourced last year but eventually taken down.

    EDA2 contained flaws that allowed researchers to obtain the decryption keys from the ransomware’s C&C server. According to an analysis from Bleeping Computer, those flaws aren’t there anymore, meaning one of the Fantom coders must have found and fixed them.


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