Top CyberSecurity News For 31st August 2016

  1. Opera announces data breach: stored passwords stolen for 1.7M usersFrom Naked Security.  Opera was once a proudly Norwegian browser that was different from the rest in more than just look and feel. Most other browsers used one of three main core components: Microsoft’s, Mozilla’s or WebKit’s. (WebKit originated from Apple but has now diverged into separate development streams used in browsers like Apple’s Safari, and browsers like Google’s Chrome.) But Opera had its own rendering engine, the complex heart of any browser that’s responsible for converting HTML source into a visible, clickable, usable web page. Opera’s independence made it what you might slightly unkindly think of as the Fifth of the Big Four browser families after Microsoft Internet Explorer (and now Edge), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (and its free cousin Chromium) and Apple Safari.


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