Top CyberSecurity News For 14th September 2016

  1. A Teenage Hacker Figured Out How to Get Free Data on His Phone. From Motherboard.

    Jacob Ajit is 17 and he just hacked his way to getting free phone data, presumably so that he can do whatever it is that Teens do online these days without alerting his parents with overage fees.

    Memes? Mixtapes? Googling if you can get sick from too much peppermint liqueur? Hell if I know, but Ajit can apparently do it all now, for free. “Honestly, I just investigated this out of curiosity, and to learn a bit about how these networks are configured,” Ajit wrote me when I reached him over email. “T-Mobile will likely fix this soon, but I wanted to share my findings with the community in the meantime.”



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