Top CyberSecurity News For October 15th 2016

  1. Interview with Security Expert Mikko Hypponen. From Do you have any suggestions on how to create a successful security awareness program in a tech company? Some people like Bruce Schneier prefer the time and money spent on better security engineering. What’s your take on this?

    Mikko Hypponen: If there’s one thing that I have learned over my 25-year career in computer security, it is that people never learn. They just won’t. They will always follow every link, they will always double-click on every attachment, they will always type their password on every phishing site. Quite often, education just seems like a waste of time. I think we should do the best we can to move the responsibility away from the end user, as much as we can. Most users can’t handle it, anyway. The average Slashdot reader can, but most can’t.


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