Top CyberSecurity News for November 14th 2016

  1. The Internet’s Biggest Hacking Forum Removes Its DDoS-for-Hire SectionFrom Softpedia. 

    Omniscient, the administrator of Hack Forums, the Internet’s biggest freely accessible hacking-related forum, announced on Friday, October 26, that he would remove the DDoS-for-Hire section from the forum.

    His decision came after a series of events that have tied his forum to DDoS attacks carried with the Mirai botnet.

    It all started when a Hack Forums user named Anna-Senpai released the source code of the Mirai malware via the forum, which drew a massive and immediate attention from security researchers.

    A person who had taken Mirai’s source code and modified it, had then used it to launch a DDoS attack on the network of Dyn, a managed DNS service, which resulted in a large section of the Internet becoming unavailable.


Top CyberSecurity News For October 7th 2016

1. Two 19-year-olds charged with running phone harassment, hack-for-hire sitesFrom ArsTechnica. 

Teens started with $20 phone harassment website, then graduated to DDoS.

Federal prosecutors have charged two 19-year-old men with running “hacking-for-hire” websites that attacked companies worldwide and did business with international hacking groups “Lizard Squad” and “PoodleCorp.” Zachary Buchta of Fallston, Maryland, and Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy of the Netherlands, have both been charged with conspiring to cause damage to protected computers.

Buchta walked out of federal court in Chicago yesterday after being released on bail. He was arrested earlier but released on his own recognizance. The judge ruled that Buchta can live with his mother in Maryland while he awaits trial, but he won’t be allowed to access the Internet or have any contact with van Rooy. As for van Rooy, he was arrested in the Netherlands last month and remains in custody there.