Top CyberSecurity News for November 14th 2016

  1. The Internet’s Biggest Hacking Forum Removes Its DDoS-for-Hire SectionFrom Softpedia. 

    Omniscient, the administrator of Hack Forums, the Internet’s biggest freely accessible hacking-related forum, announced on Friday, October 26, that he would remove the DDoS-for-Hire section from the forum.

    His decision came after a series of events that have tied his forum to DDoS attacks carried with the Mirai botnet.

    It all started when a Hack Forums user named Anna-Senpai released the source code of the Mirai malware via the forum, which drew a massive and immediate attention from security researchers.

    A person who had taken Mirai’s source code and modified it, had then used it to launch a DDoS attack on the network of Dyn, a managed DNS service, which resulted in a large section of the Internet becoming unavailable.