Top CyberSecurity News For 3rd June 2016

  1. Banking expert warns of potential for ‘really bad’ cyberattackFrom CNBC. Cyberattacks on banks need to be looked at with the same kind of urgency as physical threats, because there is the potential for things to get really bad, banking and cybersecurity expert Ben Lawsky said Wednesday. “We live in a world where each day we are surprised by something new when it comes to the sophistication and the capabilities of hackers,” he said in an interview with CNBC.

  2. There’s a Stuxnet Copycat, and We Have No Idea Where It Came From. From Vice.  After details emerged of Stuxnet, arguably the world’s first digital weapon, there were concerns that other hackers would copy its techniques. Now, researchers have disclosed a piece of industrial control systems (ICS) malware inspired heavily by Stuxnet. Although the copycat malware—dubbed IRONGATE by cybersecurity company FireEye—only works in a simulated environment, it, like Stuxnet, replaces certain types of files, and was seemingly written to target a specific control system configuration.


Top Cybersecurity News For 20th April 2016

  1. UK educational network Janet hit with denial of service attacks. From SC Magazine. A wave of denial of service attacks were launched against the education network Janet yesterday morning. Cyber-attacks began on Friday 15 April, but further attacks were observed at 10am Monday 18 April. Janet’s network provides over 18 million researchers and educators in the UK.
  2. Cybersecurity startup Verodin emerges from stealth mode. From DCInno. This US-based cybersecurity startup’s first product is a software platform that can be used by businesses to measure the effectiveness of their cybersecurity defenses. In essence, customers can use Verodin to run closed, simulated cyberattacks on themselves, thereby testing the influence of different products and the skill of their analysts.
  3. Huge data breaches have been good for security stocks. From CNBC. IT security stocks have soared after the seven big data breaches made public over the past three years, according to the Bessemer Venture Partners Cyber Index released Tuesday.The BVP Cyber Index tracked the capital-weighted performance since Jan. 1, 2011, of 29 public companies whose primary business is cybersecurity.
  4. 8 Hacker Groups To Watch Out For. From Ever wonder who’s behind some of the attacks we hear about in the news? Here are eight advanced persistent threat (APT) groups that operate some of the most successful and well-known malware campaigns worldwide.
  5. Kaspersky Announces Antivirus for Industrial Control SystemsFrom Softpedia. With the number of attacks on industrial systems growing on a rapid pace, Kaspersky announced last week the launch of a new cyber-security solution aimed at Industrial Control Systems (ICS).Attacks that penetrate networks, search for these type of equipment, and damage its normal mode of operation have started to grow in recent months.